Zildjian 16" K Custom Special Dry Crash Cymbal K1416

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Zildjian's K Custom Special Dry Series

The special dry range from Zildjian is the latest addition to their K Custom series, remastering the renowned cymbals to suit the modern player. Each cymbal features Zildjian's innovative three step hammering process, creating a distinctive shape and an extra thin weight that provides the cymbals with a fast attack that shuts down quickly while offering just enough sustain. Each cymbal is finished off with a fully lathered bottom and a raw natural top, creating a dark, dirty appearance that's unique to each cymbal and adds a personal aesthetic to each drum kit.


Produces dirty, funky sounds that complements the modern musical style
Fully lathered bottom with a raw natural top finish
Made from Zildjian's 80/20 bronze secret alloy
Ideal for use in the studio and live performances
Crated in the USA with high quality techniques
Perfect for professionals and expert players

Series: K Custom
Type: Crash
Size: 16"
Material: 80/20 Bronze Secret Alloy
Weight: Extra Thin
Finish: Fully Lathed Bottom w/Raw Natural Top

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