Vic Firth 5A Freestyle Series Drum Sticks VF-FS5A

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Product Description

The Freestyle stick type is a new concept by Vic Firth. With several new sticks now featuring these dimensions, you can find a pair that suit your music and playing style. The Freestyle design takes its inspiration from freestyle longboarding, which features longer boards. This allows the boarders to pull off tricks and manouvers not possible on regular sized skateboards. That same concept has been applied to these drumsticks to increase the possible usage from one pair of drumsticks.

Manufacturer's Description
Extra long dimensions - more space for your fulcrum. Inspired by the world of freestyle longboarding. The Vic Firth American Concept Freestyle 5A Drumsticks feature both a long taper, and a greater stick length. This combination creates a larger sweet spot for your fulcrum, meaning you can move up and down the stick for a radically different feel. Hold further to the back for effortless powerstrokes; further inward for quicker techniques. 5A drumsticks provide the most versatile option for drummers for their balanced characteristics. The American Concept Freestyle sticks ensure you get the most from your stick technique

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