Tama 14" x 6" Starphonic Maple Snare Drum PMM146-STM

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Grooved Hoop
Tama carefully studied the evolution of the hoop and its affect on a snare's sound. They combined vintage design and modern technology to create the STARPHONIC snare's new patented Grooved Hoop.

Bearing Edge
The STARPHONIC's bearing edges have an angle on top of 2.5mm, inside from the outer surface of the shell. The edge is cut to a round collar to follow the natural shape of the drum head. This creates a better fit between the drum head and shell, maximising the resonance.

Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snappy Snare
This new piece of hardware fits more closely to the snare side head for greater sensitivity and brighter, crisper sound. It's been redesigned using new materials and a customised plate shape and wire coil winding pattern.

Freedom Lug & Claw Hook
A new quick release system allows you to loosen the tension rods and tilt the claw hooks away from the Grooved Hoop. This makes changing drum heads quick and easy.

"Linear-Drive" Strainer
The STARPHONIC strainer uses a "Liner-Drive" system which provides greater control of the lever adjustment arm and the strainer's deployment motion. Even if you move the arm quickly you won't hear the usual 'slap' of the wires hitting the bottom head. The strainer movement is designed to work in a true linear motion similar to the motion found on "round sprocket" drum pedals. Most strainers are not designed like this and tend to speed up right before the snare wires connect with the snare side head. Also, by tilting the angle of the butt plate 30 degrees, this design holds the snare wire cords or tape more firmly and reduces unnecessary pressure on the strainer and shell.

Non-Loosening Rubber Gasket
STARPHONIC's claw hooks feature a rubber block inside to prevent the tension bolts from loosening during playing. Once the tension bolt is tightened, the claw hook is pressed towards the rubber block inside the claw hook and adds pressure to the tension rod inside.

Detachable Butt Plate
The Detachable Strainer Butt allows you to change your snare side head, but keeps the snare wire tension in its original state. Just loosen the screws and detach the butt plate with the snappy snares still on. When you reattach the butt plate, the snare wire tension will be restored to its original position and calibration. The Grooved Snare Side Hoop features an open frame for simpler operation.

Ratchet Style Snappy Tension Adjuster
To prevent the snappy snares from loosening Tama incorporated a ratchet system on the strainer's tension adjustment mechanism. Much like an adjustment tool with fine gears, it achieves high pressure retention, even with extreme settings. Single click adjustments offer a vertical pull of 0.083mm of wire motion, which allows you to achieve ultra sensitive micro-adjustments.

About Tama
With up to 40 years within the drum industry, Tama has developed a unique brand that prioritises both great tonal quality and outstanding aesthetics. With an eclectic list of artists on their roster, Tama has consistently delivered high-quality percussion to a multitude of musicians over the years. This extensive list includes the likes of Animals as Leaders Drummer Matt Garstka, Anthrax's Charlie Benante, ZZ Top's Frank Beard and Kendrick Lamar's Rico Nichols. Tama drums accentuate each individual's specific nuanced style of playing and give the player unparalleled tone and versatility.

Shell: 14" x 6" 6mm/6ply maple + outer 1ply mappa burl
Colour: Satin Mappa Burl (STM)
Lug: Freedom Lug
Hoop: Grooved Hoop (10lug)
Strainer/Butt: "Linear-Drive" Strainer/Detachable Butt
Snare Wire: MS20RL14C Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snare Wire


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