Sabian 16" SBR O-Zone Crash Cymbal SBR1600

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Sabian SBR Series
The SBR cymbals receive hand-guided hammering, using a peen that has been hand-shaped specifically for brass. Once complete, they are tested for their sound and appearance before receiving a Sabian stamp of approval. The hand-guided hammering is used to add musicality and complexity alongside producing a bright tone.

About Sabian
From modern to vintage, Sabian cymbals are used in almost every musical genre, by some of the biggest names in drumming. Sabian are always the first choice for leading drummers such as Chad Smith, Mike Portnoy, Dave Weckl, Neil Pert and many more. Sabian strive to create cymbals and sounds that are right for you and what you do. Popular cymbals such as the B8 cymbal series are the world leading series for quality bronze cymbals at a very accessible price, offering bronze quality design, tight and bright sound.

Size: 16''
Style: Focused
Sound: Bright
Pitch: High
Finish: Natural
Metal: Brass

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