Planet Waves PW-AGP-1 Straight 1/4" Circuit Breaker Plug

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Planet Waves PW-AGP-1 Cable Station Straight 1/4" Circuit Breaker Plug - Part of the Cable Station range. Allows musicians to make their own custom-length instrument or RCA cables without the mess and hassle of soldering.

Cables are simply made by pushing the Planet Waves Straight 1/4" Circuit Breaker Plug firmly onto the cable and tightening a screw on the side of the plug. The cable is marked every foot for precise measuring and with a variety of plug styles.

The options are limitless: effects racks, PA systems, guitar pedal boards, DJ cases, studio applications, home theater, you name it. Mix and match instrument and RCA in-line and right-angle plugs at custom lengths for your specific use.

PW-AGP-1 Cable Station™ 1/4" Plug- Straight- w/ switch

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