Pearl Export 22" x 18" Bass Drum Arctic White EXX2218B/C700

Price: £208.99
Stock Level: In stock

The Export Series from PEARL is considered to be the worldwide best-selling drum set of all time, and not without reason. For years the Export drum-set has stood for first-class quality and innovative, top-class features at an entry level price. Always staying true to the motto: "there's life in the old dog yet", the legendary Export series from PEARL finally returns to the market, to complete its victory lap in the entry-level sector.

The Shells made of high-quality Poplar wood and Asian mahogany are unified in a special SST (Super Shell Technology) and are equipped with newly designed, weight-reduced lugs, in order to guarantee an optimal resonating characteristic.

Features: 45° bearing edge Low Mass lugs Matching Hoops.
Manufacturer: Pearl Shell Hardware:
Chrome Colour:
Number of Lugs per Side: 8
Shell Thickness (mm): 7.5 Number of Wood Layers: 6


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