Mooer GE150 Electric Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

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Mooer's most portable unit yet
When it comes to multi-effects boards, convenience can often be sacrificed for high functionality. Not this time. You won't find a unit quite like the GE150. Because it offers as many features and capabilities as the most advanced pedalboards, all in a compact housing. So, you can take it anywhere with you in your gig bag, and carry a whole world of tone by your side.

Whether you're travelling from venue to venue, or need a handy effects board for your studio sessions - the GE150 takes performance to the next level, wherever you go. Mooer have pushed the notion of 'maximum function with ultimate portability', and it's safe to say the GE150 ticks all the boxes. Tap tempo, a tuner, and even an 80-second looper - the GE150 gifts players with an all-encompassing hub of tone creation. And it's all accessible from one place.

Every tone imaginable
Don't be fooled by its small size. Because the GE150 hosts an unthinkable number of options for tone customisation. Loaded with 151 onboard effects, you can have the freedom to colour your tone in your own unique style. Whether it's the shimmer of some chorus and reverb, or the grit of those searing distorted sounds - the GE150 makes it all possible. What's more - it features 200 presets and 9 effect slots to make your favourite sounds available with one switch. Discover your potential.

The possibilities don't end there, though. With 55 digital amp models implemented into the GE150, you can cycle through a vast range of amp tones to suit your style. This can be further customised with the IR loader, allowing you to take control of every detail from mic placement to room simulation. It's in-depth features like these that make the GE150 so creative, and allow players to truly explore their capabilities.

More than just your average effects board
There's much more to the GE150 than meets the eye. Mooer have taken every step to ensure the GE150 is crated for musicians on the move. And, with the integration of USB and OTG (on-the-go) connectivity, it doesn't get much easier. Record directly to your phone, tablet, or laptop and save those catchy riffs for your next writing session. Simply plug your device into the USB/OTG output and get recording. Let your inspiration flourish, wherever you are.

Not only that, but the GE150 is perfect for the stay-at-home guitarist. Boasting both headphone and aux connectivity, players can get as creative with their sound as they like, without disturbing the neighbours. Connect your devices via aux, and perfect your favourite artists' guitar tone by playing along to any song you like. Can your average pedalboard do all that?

Effects Blocks: 9
Effects: 151
Amp Models: 55
Presets: 200
IR Loader: Yes
Tap Tempo: Yes
Drum/Metronome: 40 drum rhythms, 10 metronome options
Switching: Tuner, Looper (80 second capacity), expression pedal
Inputs: 1/4" mono jack instrument input, AUX in
Outputs: 2 x 1/4" mono jack, 1/8" headphone stereo jack, USB, OTG

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