Meinl PSC100B Pickup Cajon Drum, Baltic Birch Frontplate

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The outstanding piezo pick-ups
Customise your sound by plugging in and selecting your Cajon volume and sound with the Meinl Pickup Cajon. The Pickup Cajon is equipped with three Piezo pick-ups, two for snare sounds and the other for bass sounds. These outstanding pickups provide a great tone and are capable at playing at extreme volumes. The Meinl Pick-up Cajon comes with a volume and tone knob so you can find your perfect mix and customise your sound. A 1/4" output means you can plug into any amp or PA system for a wonderful amplified sound. The Meinl Pickup Cajon has dual internally fixed snare wires, which project the snare sounds with clarity.

The Baltic birch construction offers a clear and crisp snare sound, alongside a deep boomy bass sound to accompany it. The Meinl Pickup Cajon is fitted with four rubber feet, which keep the Cajon secure whilst playing

Three Piezo pickups
Baltic birch construction
Dual internal fixed snare wires
Rubber feet and rear sound port
1/4" Output
Colour: Baltic birch
Width: 11 3/4"
Height: 19 3/4"
Depth: 11 3/4"
Finish: Matte


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