Meinl 20" Soundcaster Custom Powerful Ride Cymbal SC20PR-B SALE!

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Soundcaster Custom

The Meinl Soundcaster cymbal series is the result of extensive R&D efforts in finding new and exciting sounds. The cymbals are made from B12 bronze alloy, for a smooth, rich sound with great dynamics and expression. Ideal for the creative and expressive drummer.

B12 Bronze Alloy
Brilliant finish
High-tech computerized hammering
Rich, warm, glassy tone

Soundcaster Custom

The range of MEINL Soundcaster Custom cymbals is the result of extensive R&D efforts in finding new exciting sounds. The B12 bronze alloy combined with the brilliant finish results in a mirror-like surface for a brighter, richer, and more brilliant sound, yet with a controlled amount of high frequencies.

Soundcaster Custom Powerful Rides
Heavy weight and highly polished finish produces a solid high
frequency stick attack with a clear penetrating ping and bell.

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