Meinl 12" Pure Alloy Trash China Cymbal PA12TRCH

Price: £119.99
Stock Level: Available from supplier

The Pure Alloy cymbals sonically bridge the gap between the darker Byzance and brighter Classics Custom lines. Their shimmering, smooth sounds cut with agility and have a full range of tonality with medium sustain making them perfect for all dynamic levels. The crashes and rides have a perfect mix of effortless strength and a balanced wash, while the hi-hats carry a clean, refined definition. Made in Germany from Pure Alloy bronze and hammered into shape. The traditional models feature pinpoint lathing creating the traditional finish.

Product Name: Meinl Pure Alloy 12" Trash China
Product Code: PA12TRCH
Size: 12"
Weight: Medium
Alloy: B12 Alloy
Finish: Traditional
Pitch: High-Mid
Sound: Shimmering Clarity
Sustain: Medium-Short

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