Meinl 11" x 7" Mountable Percussion Table MC-PTXS

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New, innovative design from Meinl. The Meinl 11" x 7", Percussion Table can easily be attached to all common stands. With its modern design, you can change the position and angle of the stand to fit to however you wish to use it. The stand has an anti-slip surface and offers enough room for many percussion instruments.Ideal for use in a variety of musical environments, whether you're playing a live show, or you're in a rehearsal or spontaneous jam session.


Fiberglass frame
Fabric anti-slip surface
Adjustable angle, easy repositioning
Easily attachable to most common stands

Product Name: Meinl 11" x 7", Percussion Table
Product Code: MC-PTXS
Dimensions: 11'' x 7''
Materials: Plastic fiberglass frame, anti-slip fabric

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