Mapex Tornado Drum Hardware Pack With Stool

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The Mapex Tornado Drum hardware set is a value range well made light weight product.


2 X B200-TND Cymbal Boom Arm Stands
1 X S200-TND Snare Drum Stand
1 X H200-TND Hi-Hat Cymbal Stand
1 X P200-TND Mapex Tornado Single Bass Drum Pedal
1 x T200-TND Mapex Tornado Stool


Snare Stand

Double Braced Legs
Height Range 43cm - 60cm
Slip-proof gear tilter
Clamp-style basket fits up to 14" Snare Drums

Hi-hat Stand

Chain-pull drive system
Heavy Duty Felt Bottom Cymbal Seat
Retractable Floor Spike
Double Braced Legs
Height Range 58cm - 92cm

Boom Cymbal Stand

Maximum Height: 162 cm
Minimum Height: 76 cm
Boom Arm Length: 40 cm
Thread: 6mm
Footprint: aprox. 65cm
Max Tube Diameter: 20mm

Bass Drum Pedal

The Mapex Tornado Bass Drum Pedal is a fantastic budget kick drum pedal. Great way to save money if it's your first drum kit or as a backup to another kick pedal just in case.

Sturdy construction, chain drive, well built budget pedal. Fully adjustable with fast, smooth response.

Stool/Throne (Mapex Tornado Not As Main Image)

The Mapex Tornado Drum Throne with Slotted Base and Round Top is designed to be at student-height with soft vinyl-covering.

Round Cushioned Seat
12" Diameter by 2.5" thick
Soft-Vinyl Seat Cover
6-Position Keyway Rod with Stop Lock Nut
Single Braced Legs

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