Mapex STN5295F-IC Storm Rock Fusion Drum Kit Camphor Wood Grain With Zildjian

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The 100% Poplar shells are bright and clear, the Soniclear Bearing Edge helping tuning and tonal focus.

The beefed up 22x18 kick drum is a solid, deep thudding foundation on which this kit rolls along. Its added diameter and depth give more lower frequencies and added volume so its at home on stage as well as in the din of the rehearsal room.

The shallow 10x7 and 12x8 are quick to attack and quick to decay and position easily above the kick.

The fully toned 16x14 floor tom is big, loud and driving, falling in perfectly with the bigger kick drum.

The colour matched 14x5 snare is well rounded and can be used for any number of genre and style.

HARDWARE INCLUDED! The 400 series colour-matched hardware pack is included with each Storm kit. This includes the P400 single pedal, B400 Boom, C400 Straight stand, H400 Hi Hat stand and S400 Snare stand in

Soniclear Bearing Edge
100% Poplar 7.2mm shells
Highly Durable, stylised wrap finishes
New 400 series hardware pack included

Also Includes

Mapex T400 Stool And Zildjian Planet Z Cymbals

PLZ4PK Planet Z Cymbal Set

The Planet Z cymbals are ideal for adding to drum kits which do not include cymbals. Ideal for
practice or simply for those on a budget, these cymbals sound great for the money


14" Hi Hat Cymbal Pair
16" Crash Cymbal
20" Ride Cymbal

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