Mapex P200 THRONE PK Tornado Stool And Kick Pedal Pack

Price: £45.99
Stock Level: In stock

The Mapex Tornado Throne and Pedal Electronic Drum Kit add on pack makes a great addition to kits that don't come supplied with their own stool or pedal.

The Mapex Tornado Bass Drum Pedal is a fantastic budget kick drum pedal. Great way to save money if it's your first drum kit or as a backup to another kick pedal just in case.

Sturdy construction, chain drive, well built budget pedal. Fully adjustable with fast, smooth response.

The Mapex Tornado Drum Throne with Slotted Base and Round Top is designed to be at student-height with soft vinyl-covering.

Round Cushioned Seat
12" Diameter by 2.5" thick
Soft-Vinyl Seat Cover
6-Position Keyway Rod with Stop Lock Nut
Single Braced Legs

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