Mapex HPF1000 Falcon Drum Pro Level Hardware Set

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Set Includes

2 X BF1000 Boom Stand
SF1000 Snare Stand
HF1000 Hi-Hat Stand
PF1000 Bass Drum Pedal

Product Information

The Falcon BF1000 is a premium cymbal stand with adjustable single point boom arm, stepless tilter, lockable quick release wing-nut and hide away boom arm. The adjuster has position markers to help you get the same set up time after time.

The boom arm positioning and adjustments are also simplified by using a single wing screw to make all of these important positioning decisions. The actual boom arm can also be secured into place by using a memory lock. With a simple pressing of a button, the OS Accentuator can be removed from the cymbal stem and the cymbal can be removed. The actual threading on the Accentuator is metal to prevent stripping and ensure durability. Additionally the cymbal stem has been made longer in length and knurled so for those clamping cowbells, tambourines and other percussion items, the positioning remains solid.

SF1000 Snare Stand

The SF1000 Mapex snare stand allows you to secure your snare drum quickly and easily and offers you precise positioning. It will always be safe and secure whilst you play and positioned at the required angle. The high-friction rubber feet with retractable spikes increase traction and prevent the stand from sliding on all surfaces.

HF1000 Hi-Hat Stand

The Falcon HF1000 Hi Hat Stand is ready for the road. Featuring extended height adjustment for more extreme set ups and specific footboard height adjustment, the HF1000 can be optimised to any player's preference. Other points include rubber feet with retractable spikes, removable swivel legs and adjustable tension for the most easy, smooth and reliable action.

PF1000 Drum Pedal

The new Falcon Bass Drum Pedal is designed to give drummers optimal adjustment, whilst always keeping the smoothest action possible. The self-adjusting hoop clamp pivots to match any bass drum angle, reducing stress on the hoop and keeping the base plate flat on the floor. The beater angle adjustment provides independent control of the beater position at rest and the length of the throw. A reduced base plate size allows for better snare stand and floor tom positioning.

HF1000 Hi-Hat Stand

The Lockable Quick-Release Wing nut on the clutch makes it simple to install or remove the top hi-hat cymbal.
The Extreme Height Adjustment allows cymbals to be positioned from very low for open-hand playing styles to extremely high.
A Foldable Foot board clips to the stand for easy transportation and secures into the playing position for increased stability.
The Footboard Height Adjustment allows for optimal foot board angle and feel across a variety of playing styles.
The Tension Adjuster has directional indicators showing Light (L) versus Heavy (H) settings across a wide range of possible tension.
Removable Swivel Legs fit into any set-up position and can detach easily when using double bass drums or attaching to a rack.
High-Friction Rubber Feet with Retractable Spikes increase traction and prevent the stand from sliding on all surfaces.

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