Mapex 14" Black Panther Design Lab Equinox Snare Drum BPML4500CFB

Price: £459.00
Stock Level: Available from supplier

The Mapex Black Panther Design Lab Equinox Snare Drum is inspired by Mapex's acclaimed Black Panther drum series and has an articulate, bright, classic tone. Mapex have taken everything they've learnt about making great sounding, cutting edge snare drums. Then, using modern technology, innovative features and good old fashioned drum craft, they add just that little bit of extra modern flair.


6mm Maple (6-Ply) shell
45° Soniclear bearing edges top, 35° bottom, with 4-Ply Maple Resonance Rings
2.7mm deep, 5.5" Snare bed graduation for a dry, articulate & controlled snare tone
Black Panther Crown lugs
Single-Flanged Hoops with Claws
Dual venting for feel and drier tone
BP Cylinder throw-offs and butt side adjustment
Puresound (1416) 16-Strand Stainless Steel Snares

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