Mapex 14" Black Panther 30th Anniversary Walnut Snare Drum BPWN465CWH

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High-end features throughout, ensuring distinct, exceptional tone
Design inspired by the coveted Deep Forest snare drum of the 1990s
Modern innovation combined with distinguishing retro features

Versatile walnut shell
Walnut is a shell material known for its warm tones and cutting highs. You get a great full-spectrum sound, which makes walnut a versatile choice for snare drums. Triple-vented, the walnut shell delivers that full sound with plenty of projection for live and studio use.

Innovative sound delivery
The Mapex Black Panther 'Modern Classic' Walnut Snare features a 45 SONIclear bearing edge on the batter, with a 35 on the snare side. The bearing edges have a 3/8'' rounded back cut. Then covered with Sonic Saver die-cast hoops, the result is a distinctly vintage tone with a snappy and focused attack.

The SONIClear Bearing Edges allow the drumhead to sit completely flat all around the drum. Maximum contact; superb response. The result is a stronger and deeper fundamental pitch, effortless and consistent tuning and a significantly expanded tuning range.

Shell: 8-ply, 8.2mm walnut
Size: 14'' x 6.5''
Bearing edge:
Batter side: 45 SONIClear
Snare side: 35 SONIClear
Hoops: Sonic Saver


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