Mapex 14" Armory Dillinger Snare Drum 8ply Maple ARML4550KCWT

Price: £191.99
Stock Level: Available from supplier

Mapex The Dillinger 14 x 5.5in Maple Burl/Maple Shell

Open with the flick of a finger, the 8-ply maple shell of this drum opens with the will open up with just a flick of the finger and releases a balanced, bright tone. The SONIClear bearing edge allows all drumheads to sit flat and tune easily and respond with a stronger fundamental pitch. Precision-tooled solid steel Armory Tube Lugs deliver better tuning accuracy and shell stability while giving the drum an elegant, modern appearance.


8-ply Maple Shell
SONIClear Bearing Edge
Piston Strainer With Vertical Throw-Off
Armory Tube Lugs
Hammered Black Chrome Finish

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