Ludwig LC179X028 Breakbeats White Sparkle Drum Kit Shell Pack

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Resting on an included lift for the best reach, Breakbeat's 16 x 14" bass drum, 13 x 13" floor tom, and 10 x 7" tom are compact enough to fit into tight spaces and are dismantled quickly and easily. Combining all this with the matching wood 14 x 5" snare drum produces a punchy, dry and "breakable" backbeat that is Questlove's signature. This shell pack includes velvet storage bags for a convenient transport option. The bags could also be used to lower volume by placing a bag over each drum.

Features / Specifications
7-ply hardwood shells
45-degree bearing edge
Compact, mobile design
Bass drum lift
Remo heads
Velvet storage bags included


16'' x 14'' Kick Drum
10'' x 7'' Tom with auxiliary clamp
13'' x 13'' Floor Tom
14'' x 5'' Snare Drum

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