Ludwig Classic Maple Drum Kit Shell Pack, Vintage Black Oyster L84233AX1QWC

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Ludwig 22, Classic Maple 3-Piece FAB Drum kit Shell Pack, Vintage Black Oyster

Since their endorsement by Ringo Starr in the 1960s, Ludwig drum kits have been amongst the most coveted by industry professionals the world over. Steeped in tradition, and crafted with an unsurpassed visionary excellence, Ludwig hand-made Classic Maple kits cover a wide range of styles and sounds, and are second-to-none for both live and studio work.

Hand-Crafted, Classic Maple Drum Shells


22" x 14" Bass Drum
16" x 16" Floor Tom
13" x 9" Rack Tom

7-Ply Cross-Laminated North American Maple Shell

The Classic Maple range of drums from Ludwig are the drum of preference by professionals worldwide. Renowned for their tonal versatility, the special 7-ply construction ensures a fast response to both the player and environment, allowing them to easily adapt to any play-style or musical preference.

Precisely-Cut Bearing Edge

The bearing edge on each Classic Maple shell has been precision-cut to a 45-degree angle, within 1/16" from the outer edge. This hand-sanded edge ensures a smooth, even, flat surface for easy head seating, helping produce that unmistakable Ludwig sound.

RFST Moulding

Ludwig's proprietary RSFT moulding process sees a centre three-ply core panel inserted between inner and outer two-ply panels, resulting in the Classic Maple set's standard 7-ply, 6mm shell that's been formulated for optimum resonance and tonality.

The RFST itself refers to Radio Frequency Shell Technology, a technique utilised by Ludwig throughout the construction process on all of their USA shells. This technique is used to cure each shell evenly over its entire surface, and is a principal ingredient in the production of that famous "Ludwig Sound".

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