Laney BCC-SECRETPATH Black Country Customs Secret Path Enhanced Reverb Pedal

Price: £158.99
Stock Level: Available from supplier

Creating a new sense of depth and space. Expanding on classic amplifier designs to create a distinctive, entirely unique stompbox. Two fully featured stereo Spring and Plate reverb sounds inspired by the classic amps and studio tones of the day. Rich and dense soundscapes can be created and modulated allowing you to get lost in ambience and sound creation.

With an expression pedal and edit function, the Secret Path is a versatile tool with its own unique character. So if it's a subtle shimmer or a dark and brooding modulation you're after, you are accommodated for. The Secret Path has plenty of avenues to explore and should be welcomed on any pedalboard.

Full Description
Model Name: Black Country Customs Secret Path
Colour: White & Red
Controls: Distortion, Volume, Range, Tone and a three-way toggle selector
Dimensions: 74mm x 121mm x 59mm
Weight: 0.38 KG
Country of Origin: China
Switching: True Bypass
Expression Pedal Input: Yes

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