Laney BCC-MONOLITH Black Country Customs Monolith Distortion Guitar Pedal

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Laney, entrenched in the sound of British heavy rock. Favoured by Tony Iommi, Randy Rhodes, and Joe Satriani. Primarily known for their amps, the Black Country line of effects branches out of this. Versatility is key, voiced with a highly reactive gain section. You can achieve everything from subtle grit to an all-out sonic assault. It's filled with rich, complex harmonics that retain clarity, even under crushing gain.

It's incredibly sensitive, too. By altering your pick attack, you can take an amp at the breakup and crush it to make your guitar howl. Laney's new venture into guitar FX is a welcomed one. The tone altering they offer in the Monolith is vast - distortion, volume, range, control, and three-way mode switching make this pedal perfectly adaptable with any amplifier.

Full Description
Model Name: Black Country Customs Monolith
Colour: White & Red
Controls: Distortion, Volume, Range, Tone and a Three-Way Toggle Selector
Dimensions: 74mm x 121mm x 59mm
Weight: 0.38 KG
Country of Origin: China
Signal Path: All-Analog
Switching: True Bypass

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