Jim Dunlop MXR Smart Gate Guitar Effects Pedal JD-M135

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Fans of humongous metal riffage will no doubt understand the importance of a noise gate in their signal chain. Heavy riffs don't work nearly as well when there's decibels of background hiss and noise in between your sledgehammer staccato guitar parts. The Smart Gate by MXR is an extremely effective utility to silence the gaps and keep your sound lethal.

The Smart Gate has a three-way switch for determining how it applies itself to your sound: Hiss, Medium & Full. This affects different bands of noise and you simply test each setting against your most brazen riffs to determine which one suits the situation best. An extra High Trigger Range button really clamps down on extra-noisy situations. You are still able to enjoy sustain and decay of your notes and chords without them sounding chopped off or unnatural: the gate just seems to get things right! An LED in the corner lights up when the gate is in effect to allow you easy control over the threshold.

Fans of heavy music should definitely allow space on their floor set-up for this pedal.

If you're addicted to the indispensable juice of a high gain amp or a string of stomp boxes, you need this pedal.

Because along with your hot-wired tones, you're probably getting a generous helping of noise. Equipped with three selectable types of noise reduction, Hiss, Mid, and Full, the Smart Gate bites down on sizzle and hum but lets the smallest detail of your playing through.

With its uncanny ability to sense precisely when -and how fast -to engage, this little genius will never get in your way, so you can wring every last bit of sustain out of that chord without being cut off.

Originally designed by Scholz Research and Development, the Smart Gate has been completely updated with a hardwire bypass, precise threshold trigger, and new cleaner circuitry. Open or closed, it adds virtually nothing to your signal.

We've also squeezed this baby down from half space rack size to a slender stomp box, leaving plenty of room underfoot for your newly tamed effects.

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