Jim Dunlop MXR Prime Distortion Pedal Guitar Effects Pedal JD-M69

Price: £65.61
Stock Level: In stock

MXR's all analogue Prime Distortion is a beefy and saturated gain pedal that wants to party like it's 1986!

Built with MXR's usual high quality metal chassis and rugged, long-lasting parts, the Prime Distortion dishes out some great lead tones and heavy crunch that does hark back to that golden age of shred and excess. You get a rich, textured gain that sustains and bites. It's great fun to just unleash your favourite over-the-top solos with the Prime Distortion set to stun!

It's a pretty high gain pedal but MXR have managed to make it fairly low in noise due to the particular op-amps used in the circuit. Win-win!

Big, powerful '80s arena-rock tone
Raw, punchy sustain
Rich distortion
Highly responsive to playing intensity
Tone, Output, Distortion controls
MXR build quality and components
Low-noise op amps
100% analog

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