Jim Dunlop MXR Noise Clamp Guitar Effects Pedal JD-M195

Price: £93.73
Stock Level: Available from supplier

Guitarists fond of super-saturated distortion and modern staccato riffing need some degree of noise gate in their signal to shut down on unwanted hum and hiss that's the byproduct of heavy distortion. Enter MXR with the Noise Clamp, a pedal designed to do just that!

This model works within a send-return loop to take readings from your guitar's original signal and stamp down hard on the unwanted background hiss and hum, making your riffs that much more savage! Use the Send and Return jacks to attach to the first and last pedals in your chain. A green LED will light when the Noise Clamp is doing its thing and there's a threshold knob to determine how harsh the gating will be.

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