Jim Dunlop MXR Clone Looper Electric Guitar Pedal JD-M303

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Get ready for looping MXR-style. The MXR Clone Looper Pedal is highly engineered for incredible sound quality, comes packed with features in a pedalboard-friendly housing, and can be as simple or complex as your needs dictate. In other words, it's got everything you expect from an MXR pedal.

Unprecedented sound quality and feature set for a looper this compact
Loop storage rates up to 88.2kHz handle even high-gain distortion with ease
Record loops up to 6 minutes long with unlimited dubs
Quickly undo your most recent dub
Play/Stop switch allows you to start & stop your loop in an instant
Retains loop even when powered off

Convenient green LED flashes 4 count to the beginning of your loop
Set your loop to double-speed, half-speed, or play it in reverse with onboard Volume control or external MXR Tap Tempo Switch connected to CTR jack
EXP jack allows external control of output level with a DVP volume pedal or Play Loop Once mode with an MXR Tap Tempo Switch

Play Loop Once mode allows you to pull off smooth live performances & re-trigger your loop for stuttering DJ effects Select buffered bypass or true bypass switching as your needs dictate
Standard MXR housing for a pedalboard-friendly footprint

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