Jim Dunlop MXR Classic 108 Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal JD-M173

Price: £134.04
Stock Level: Available from supplier

This chunky turquoise box from MXR houses with in it's metal hide a Fuzz Face circuit! It's a sound we all love: a really warm and fat square-sounding distortion that sits well in a mix and has some expressively wild overtones. Dunlop (MXR's parent company) make excellent vintage-looking Fuzz Face replicas but some people would prefer the same sound but in a more pedalboard-friendly chassis with things like an easy-access battery compartment: et voila! MXR delivers! The circuit is the exact same one as the 'smiley face' pedals.

This pedal also features true bypass operation and has an LED to display on/off status. Also onboard, via a mini-switch on the top of the pedal, is a buffer circuit that can be engaged if you're hearing strange unwanted frequencies coming from your wah pedal! This tough box of fuzz gives a very useful, not to mention classic, slice of rock noise.

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