DOD Carcosa Electric Guitar Fuzz Effects Pedal DOD-CARCOSA

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Powerfully Versatile Fuzz Pedal

The Carcosa is designed to expel excessive amounts of fuzz which can cut thought a dense and heavy mix, offering great note articulation on chords full crisp, yet crunchy tones. Its selection of controls offer extreme bias ranges, letting players experiment with the pedal to create wild and over-the-top sounds. Its exaggerated mid-range and treble character helps make the pedal sand out in the mix, letting the weird and wonderful tones sing without being bogged down by other frequencies.

Extensive Range of Controls

The fuzz pedal features a wide range of controls and a 2-way toggle switch, offering creative control over the pedals wide range of tones to create amazing soundscapes. Use the output control to set the level of output the pedal has, offering plenty of room to act as a booster for when you require extra volume. While the before control adjusts the amount of fuzz the pedal produces, the after control changes the texture of the fuzz. Dial down the after knob to produce a loud “woody” fuzz, or dial in more for a splatty “broken” fuzz with horn-like vowel sounds and sustain. The hi-cut control can be used to reduce the high frequency detail, perfect for adjusting the effect to suit bright and dark pickups. A 2-way toggle switch provides access to DEMHE and HALI modes, with DEMHE offering a bass and low-mid boost perfect for clean channels, while HALI provides a bass cut perfect for dirty channels.


Controls: Before, After, Output, Hi-Cut, DEMHE/HALI Switch
Input: 1/4” TS Unbalanced, 500 kOhm
Output: 1/4” TS Unbalanced, 1 kOhm
Bypass: True Bypass
Current Draw: 4 mA
Power Requirements: 9VDC Alkaline Battery, or HARMAN PS0913DC Power Adapter
Please Note: This pedal does not include a power supply

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