DigiTech Whammy DT Pitch Shifting Guitar Effect Pedal DIG0147

Price: £174.79
Stock Level: Available from supplier

The Whammy DT uses pitch shifting technology to allow you to step up or step down your tuning in seven half steps, or an entire octave, with just one setting. It also offers true pitch shifting effects, complete with 'hammer-on' and 'pull-off' effects for quick chord shifts or note changes during your solo or a gritty bridge.


True Polyphonic Pitch Shifting and Whammy Effects
Drop or Raised Tuning by 7 Half Steps or an Entire Octave
Classic Whammy Voicings
Momentary Footswitch for Hammer-Ons and Pull-Off Effects
True Bypass
FSX3 Input for Hands-Free Selection
Classic-Style Rugged Metal Whammy Chassis
Durable, Roadworthy Metal Footswitches
MIDI Input
1/4" Guitar Input, 1/4" Output
9V DC Power Adapter Included

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