D'Addario EHR310 Half Rounds Electric Guitar Strings 10-46

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EHR310 Half Rounds Regular Light 10-46

Half Round Electric Guitar Strings are round wound with Stainless Steel and then precision ground leaving the outer surface smooth and "semi flat." The result is a string with the tonal characteristics of round wound strings , with a smoother feel similar to flat wound strings.

Diameter Tension
Item# Note inches mm lbs kg
PL010 E 0.010 0.25 16.2 7.35
PL013 B 0.013 0.33 15.4 6.98
PL017 G 0.017 0.43 16.6 7.53
HRG026 D 0.026 0.66 21.4 9.71
HRG036 A 0.036 0.91 20.9 9.48
HRG046 E 0.046 1.17 18.2 8.25

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