CODE 14" DNA Snare Solution Drum Head Set Includes Snare Side Head

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DNA Coated Tom Heads are high-quality drum heads, designed and tested by drummers who have sought and refined the ideal sound qualities and durability for a drum head, and offered the result at an affordable price. These Coated Tom Heads are ideal for medium to heavy use due to the clear-cutting brightness of the attack and sustain projected from them.

Old School 'warm' Sound with Strong Attack and Medium Sustain
Quality Aluminium Rim with Steel Core
10 mils Coated PET Head

Also includes

If you are looking for a great all-round resonant head at an affordable price, the CODE Genetic 3 Mil Snare Side Drum Heads are a great choice. With a single-ply skin, the Genetic Snare Side heads are designed to be used on the bottom side of a snare drum. The sensitivity of the Genetic head ensures a highly responsive feel with a clear sound and a highlighted top end, making the 3-mil Genetic head ideal for playing in any style of music.


Construction: Single-ply 3-mil
Rim: Aluminium with Steel Core
Finish: Clear


1 X GCL143 (Snare Side Drum Head)
1 X DNACT14 (DNA Batter Drum Head)

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