Carlsbro CSD500 Mesh Head Electronic Drum Kit w/Upgrade Pack

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The CSD500 is a five drum, three cymbal kit, with four-layer fabric skins for a more realistic playing experience and significantly quieter practice.

COMMANDER 500 SOUND MODULE 128 x 64 character LCD display

458 high quality percussion voices 29 preset drum kits
12 user defined drums kits,
20 demo songs
Aux in jack, Line output, Headphone output USB interface (USB to device), MIDI IN/OUT Recording and playback facility
adjustable sensitivity and crosstalk Metronome
3 band EQ, 3 ambience and 2 reverb settings


1 x Commander 500 Sound Module
1 x 8" MESH Floor tom pad with bass kick pedal
1 x 10" MESH Dual-zone Snare pad
3 x 8" MESH Dual-zone Tom pads
1 x 10" Single-zone Hi-hat cymbal pad
1 x 12" Dual-zone crash cymbal pad with choke
1 x 12" Dual-zone ride cymbal pad with choke
1 x Hi-hat controller pedal
1 x Sturdy 4-legged drum rack with all mounting hardware and invisible cabling

Kick pedal included!

Upgrade Pack

Mapex Drum Throne
1 x (Pair) Drumsticks

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