British Drum Co 14"x 6.5" Merlin 20ply Snare Drum MER-1465-SN

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Precision and power of 20-ply

If ever there was a wood-shell snare that truly does it all, it's the Merlin.

The Merlin's 20-ply shell consists of alternating vertical and horizontal veneers of two sonically superior hardwoods – maple for focused warmth, and birch for direct brightness. The shell is then expertly finished with a black tulip outer veneer inlaid with a tasty double pinstripe of maple.

The Merlin's response spans the sonic spectrum from warm and resonant, to focused cutting projection and everything in between. Simply tune it into your comfort zone, or higher for even more crispness and cut, or down for a funkier, drier sound. The response accuracy of this super-dynamic design is stunningly good, and the critics agree with the Merlin picking up a Music Industry Association award and a 5-star review in Rhythm magazine.


Remo USA Skins
2.3 mm Triple flange hoops
20ply, 10.5mm thick Maple and Birch shell
45 degree bearing edges
Palladium Lugs
Gold b badge
Palladium Strainer
Brass Snare Wires.
Size: 14" x 6.5"

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