British Drum Co 14" Big Softy Snare Drum BS-1465-SN

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Producing the deepest of soft tones, The Big Softy is the warmest snare in our collection.

Critically acclaimed and revered by the professionals as a studio snare, onstage, whether in a club or arena, this big-sounding 14" x 6.5" is a potent reminder of just how accurately our design concepts target specific sonic responses as well as providing the flexibility to tune up or down a notch to boost the highs or accentuate the lows.

While its 6.5" depth and cherry inner and outer veneers accentuate the warmth of its response, the key ingredient is its kiln-dried ochroma core. This surprisingly light hardwood has a micro-pore grain structure that filters out higher frequencies, so bigger, warmer and funky sounds are achieved without detuning. You can now crank up your batter head to a responsive rebound rate for you sticking and still play big and funky backbeats.


14 x 6.5
Remo USA Skins
2.3 mm Triple flange hoops
9ply, Ochroma and cherry shell
Palladium Lugs
Big softy b-badge
Palladium Mk1 Strainer
Brass Snare Wires.

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