Stagg Cymbals

Stagg has rapidly become a well known name in musical instruments. They offer a massive choice of cymbals from entry level to professional and one thing that is common through the whole range is their fantastic price. Stagg do not run massive advertising campaigns or have a large artist endorse network, this keeps the cost of the product down which in return is passed on to the end user. Amazing Stagg Cymbals at great prices. We stock a massive selection of Stagg Cymbals DH, SH, MYRA, VB and more across the whole range with over 600 cymbals in stock at any given time we are sure you will find a product that takes your eye. Due to the ever increasing choice from the manufacturer though we simply can not stock every option available. If an item is not in stock at the time of your order you will be informed of the delay by email. We will then make a special order for you, most cymbals only take a few days to arrive anyway. If you require any help choosing a Stagg cymbal then please call on 01709 382220 and one of our sales team will be more than happy to find the right cymbal for you.

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