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TD-4KP V-Drums Portable mesh pad upgrade!

Buy a TD-4KP V-Drums Portable from us and you will be entitled to buy an upgrade pad and bracket direct from Roland for only another £79.

Buy a TD-4KP between 16th October and 22nd December 2013 and Roland will make it easy for you to upgrade to a mesh V-Pad. Register your product and you’ll be eligible to upgrade to a PDX-6 Mesh snare pad for £79* (with the MDH-12 clamp you need to fit it included in the price) – that’ll save you £120 on the regular RRP price and is sure to keep you busy through those long winter nights.

TD-4KP: a drum kit that can help you become a better drummer

Time behind your kit is precious and we all struggle to fit in practice time. And when you finally get on the drum stool, promises of focusing on rudiments and stick patterns becomes a few hours of jamming along to the ‘Best Of…’ album of your favourite band. So make the most of the playing time you have. Enter the TD-4KP V-Drums Portable kit. It’s designed to make practice fun, but also to make it count. The TD-4 module has plenty of kits covering all musical bases, the internal metronome provides a rhythm clock for anything from 4/4 to the craziest of time signatures, while the on-board coach function gets you warmed up, checks your timing by giving you an accuracy score and even coaches you to tighten up. And, when you’re done with the coach, there’s always the ‘mix in’ to play along to your favourite tunes. Even better, you can connect your TD-4KP to V-Drums Friend Jam software!

A mesh snare that feels more like an acoustic

PDX-6 Mesh SnarePerhaps that one thing that would make your sessions perfect would be a mesh snare pad that helps you to feel the groove. A playing surface that’s familiar, lets you accurately practise stick technique and adjust the tension for your preferred style. Roland’s mesh V-Pads let you do just that:

Roland mesh heads can be tension adjusted, just like an acoustic drum head
Roland mesh heads are made by REMO. The same drum head manufacturer that gave us the iconic Ambassador, Emperor and Pinstripe heads!
Our mesh V-Pads use dual-triggering technology: use one with the TD-4KP kit and you’ll get one sound when you play the head, and another when you play the rim


Blackstar Pedals

We have just received our first delivery of the long awaited Blackstar LT
series guitar pedals. Their are currently five pedals in the range and with
prices starting at only £49, their is simply no excuse to have a great, well
made pedal in your collection.


Laney IRT-STUDIO Amplifier IPAD mini giveaway starts today!

It's simple call in store anytime from now until the 31st of November. Ask for a demo or try the amplifier out yourself, there is no requirement to purchase. We will then enter you into a free prize draw where the winner will receive a free Ipad mini.
The winner will be picked by Laney on the 4th of December so what you waiting for get yourselves down here.


New Gear landing All The Time

We have loads of new gear to check out at the moment in
our guitar department. We have the full range of micro
guitar effects pedals from the guys at Hotone. These pedals
are simply amazing and at only £54.99 each there is surely
room for a little pedal in your setup.
Check em out here!

Next up is the Ibanez ES2 Echo Shifter Guitar Effects Pedal, we have
been waiting for these for a good while now and you will surely not
be disappointed.

Even more!
Korg Pitchhawk Clip On Guitar And Bass Tuner AW-3G-BK have finally
arrived in the UK go grab one!

Last but not least
Stagg Chromatic Guitar And Bass Metal Body Pedal Tuner PTU-C8
Full stomp pedal guitar tuner for only £29.99 what you waiting for.


Blackstar HT Metal Amplifiers Are Now Available In Store

Well it's been a while since these were first announced by the guys at Blackstar.
But you know what they say if it's worth having it's worth waiting for. There is
a full series of models in this line from a 1watt to a mighty 100watt head. Most
are readily available currently with only the big amps due to follow in around
another months time.

Check out the website or better still if you can call in store and try one out for


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