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News 01/08/11

It's August and the kids are off school so we have decided to change our opening times again.
We for a short time started closing in the retail store on Monday and Tuesdays to help the warehouse
staff cope with annual holidays. We have now fine tuned the staffing levels and are now back open on
Tuesday but still closed on Mondays. Hopefully opening again on Tuesdays should help you musicians and parents get the items you need quicker.

News 31/07/11

Just to Note:

Today is the last day of the Sabian promo offer! if you have not seen this offer then please go to the Sabian
cymbals section on our website. In a nutshell you get a free 10" AAX splash delivered direct from the manufacturers when you purchase select products. This has been very popular with customers and a great success so don't miss out, it's your last chance.

Keep checking in the drum store new in section today has various items are getting added. Up to now we have some add on drums and a few used Zildjian cymbals and the Ringo Starr tour drum kit, all newly listed.


News 29/07/11

It's Friday night and that was the news (Grin)

If you are not going out this evening then check out the link below of Glen Sobel
Alice Coopers drummer.


News 28/07/11

What a day!

We have managed to get the massive delivery of B-Stock and artist stock from Mapex in the building just in time before the rain started. It's took around 9 hours to sort through it, but it will be worth it. There will be some really good offers coming in the next few days especially on Black Panther snare drums. We we're expecting far more broken items than actually arrived so it's great news. Karl is going to be working round the clock to catalog and add the products to the website so keep those eyes peeled.

A few other items came today, we had some of the 18" bass drum Mapex HZB jazz kits in cherry arrive (Great little kits these) Half a dozen Japanese Tokai guitars and at long last the Line 6 SPIDERJAM amps have landed.

Right that's it for now, time for a cuppa tea............................

News 27/07/11

Just a quick note to all the guitarists out there that have been asking when the new Laney Ironheart
amplifiers we're coming, well it's official our first delivery is due August. We have only managed to get two
of each option as stock it very tight. We are currently taking pre-orders for the stuff, hopefully we may get
to see some of this stock this time. Normally it all gets shipped to customers as soon as it lands and we don't even get to look inside the boxes.

Nearly forgot, we have another big delivery on Monday of all the drum case sets. We really under ordered on the last delivery and we know some of you missed out (you know who you are) Check the website early next week when they become available again.

News 26/07/11

You will have noticed if you are currently reading this that our news blog is now working on the website.
Here you will find general current news and information regarding products that have just been released.

First up

Vox Amplifiers

New out today are the VT150X valvetronix, the AC15C2 Twin and the MINI3-CL classic. All three amplifiers
are on a strictly first come first served basis has stock is very limited for the next few months. All the information is available in the Vox guitar amplifier section on the website.


Mapex Clearance

We have a massive delivery due tomorrow of all the Mapex B-STOCK and used Artist stock.
We've been buying this for the last three years and this stock is very cheap. This time round there are some real gems with the loan drum kits coming back from the recent Alice Cooper photoshoot (Black Panther Kit) and the Ringo Starr tour photoshoot kit (Orion). The list is very large so it will take a week or so to list everything on the website, but each day new items will appear. Check regularly to make sure you don't miss out has this stuff flies out.

Last for now

Meinl stock is landing everyday now and it's proving to be a big hit. The range is fantastic check out our website for further details or if you can call to the store and try some out..

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