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News 09/08/11

New stock just keeps landing. Have a look at the new limited edition Mapex
HZB satin finish drum kits that have just come, in a word stunning. We have
a choice of two colours available but stock is very limited so get in there quickly.

Here are the links

We have also just added a couple of new snare drums that are on a special offer while stock lasts.
The first is a MPX 13" piccolo chrome snare drum at less than 50 quid and a 14" Black Panther maple
BIG CAT walnut gloss finish.

News 08/08/11

We have finally got most of the new Yamaha GIGMAKER drum kits in stock and boy
are these flying out of the door. Check out the website for one or two different options

News 06/08/11

It's official drumming is good for you!

Drumming Therapy taps into layers of the mind and body that other modalities cannot. Studies have shown that repetitive drumming changes brain wave activity, inducing a state of calm and focused awareness.

The first sound we ever heard while still in our mother's womb, was the beating of her heart, and the rhythm of her breath. No matter our race, gender, age, religion or belief system, this common experience exists for all human beings.

When newcomers are first introduced to drumming as adults, they often say "oh, I don't have any rhythm," in an attempt to excuse themselves for their imagined inadequacy.

The truth is: We All have Rhythm!

Read the full story at

News 05/08/11

Well it's Friday again.

Friday's we like to let our hair down and have a few beers so again there isn't much
news. For those who are in for the night then check out the link below of Mike Mangini


News 04/08/11

Just a quick note to say if you want some of the Mapex B-STOCK or Artist stock
then get your skates on. This stuff is flying out of the door, with lots already being
sold before it got advertised on the website.

It's here the Tama Starclassic Shell Pack Black Clouds And Silver Linings. It came in
store today and it's simply stunning. Whilst on the subject of Tama we have added a
new Youtube link to the Silverstar drum kit we have advertised, check it out.


News 02/08/11

Loads of new HOT DEAL! offers have just been added to that section including
many hard shell guitar cases and drum case soft bags. There are a number of clearance
Blackstar amplifiers and a Alesis DM10 drum kit just for good measure.

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