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News 07/09/11


New equipment just keeps landing, we have two Ibanez guitars just arrived which are simply
stunning. The model is RG870QMZ and we have two of the colours, the cool BLACK ICE and
the wacky HIGH VOLTAGE VIOLET. Both guitars are simply stunning and at £729 each they
are truly worth a look. Check them out on the links below.

For the bass guitarist we have just received the new SR1205-VNF which is the newest
bass guitar to the Ibanez range. The colour is natural flat, it looks amazing, ohh and it as
five strings what do you want for £939.


News 06/09/11

Just In

We have a few new guitars that have just arrived from Ibanez. These guitars have
been on order for sometime now and at long last have just arrived. The rest of the
Laney Ironheart stock is now here so we have a few amplifiers available for sale
after the pre-orders have gone.


News 02/09/11

Unfortunately due to ever increasing cost prices from Zildjian we have
no choice but to increase our retail prices. We have absorbed several
price increases already over the last few months and simply, we now have
no choice, but to put our prices up. Our system is updating prices on the
website which will take around 24 hours. In this 24 hour period cymbal prices
will be changing individually. If you are after anything Zildjian then the time is
now, most cymbals are going up with a BUMP with around a 10% - 15% increase.

Get in there quick while you can!


News 01/09/11

Just landed are two lovely Gibson Epiphone guitars, which are used but the condition
is that good you would hardly tell.

Here are the links


News 31/08/11

Just had a load of the Vic Firth Nova drum sticks arrive so we
now stock the complete range of this fantastic value drum stick range.
Nova are made the same way as the standard Vic Firth American hickory
drum sticks. The main reason why they are not marked up Vic firth is often
the wood colour is not correct, with sticks sometimes showing dark wood grain lines.

At £4.48 per pair they are surely worth a try and they are only £49.50 per brick of
twelve pairs that's wood tip or nylon.

If you hate shelling out on drum sticks then these will be right up your street, Vic Firth
at budget money, easy tiger.


News 28/08/11

Hope everyone is enjoying the Bank holiday weekend and we have
our fingers crossed, in hope the weather stops raining enough for the
fans at the Leeds festival to dry off.

We have just advertised the new Tanglewood wood guitar offers which
are not only a fantastic product but offer amazing value, they come with a
free hardcase as well.

Here are the links

The first delivery of the Ibanez RG870QMZ in Black ice finish as arrived but be quick as we have nearly
sold out already.

What else!

The Korg mini pandora's have come back into stock as well as the Laney Ironheart IRT60 Combo
Check it out

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