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Tokai Telecaster Breezysound Guitars Just Arrived!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Just a quick update on a few items that arrived last thing on Friday.
We have received three new Tokai Tele Breezysound guitars which
not only look stunning but due to the exchange rate when we bought
them are cheaper than the last time we had them. These are being
offered with a tweed deluxe guitar case again. As with all the Tokai
guitars we offer for sale the images representing the guitar in the advert
are the actual guitar for sale and NOT stock photos.

We only managed to get one of each so grab em while you can.

Here are the links!

News 06/10/11

News from the industry today.

This year's London Drum Show was declared a complete success by organiser Oysterhouse Media.

The firm claims that advance ticket sales are double what they were last year and all available exhibition space has been sold and so it is confident of selling out when the show opens to the public.

In a statement from the organisers they said

"I can only describe it by saying that things have skyrocketed," said Oysterhouse MD Hugo Montogmery-Swann. "We have a lot of top artists on the main stage and we're even getting requests from bands wanting to appear. It has been a rip-roaring success, which is lovely for the industry because we need success stories at this point in time. It paints a very positive picture."

News 03/10/11

Just a quick update on a few new items that arrived today.

First up we have had another delivery of the Seagull and
Simon & Patrick EX Display/ Clearance Stock. This stuff is
silly cheap so get in there quick!


News 30/09/11

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather, damn it's hot and we like it!
It's been the usual Friday, busy busy busy. Not really had the time
to check the new gear that has arrived today so we will update soon.

We have started work up dating the website on the Meinl percussion
which we have ordered tons of. Over the next week or so there will be
hundreds on new lines available.

For now that's it, Enjoy the weekend


News 29/09/11

We have started rolling out some of our Christmas offers.
First up are the offers for the Mapex Tornado drum kits, we
have over the last three years or so done many different packages
for this fantastic quality drum kit. Every year our competitors scratch
there heads and wonder how we manage to sell at the prices we do, then
try and copy the idea's. Get scratching those heads because we have
tweaked the packages yet again and are now offering an additional four
new packages to our already impressive choice.

Next up

Pearl have until the end of December decided to include a FREE 10" splash
cymbal and a mini boom arm with all the Pearl FZ Forum drum kits.
Obviously this offer will only last until the stock runs out so don't leave
it too late.

At last we have the Blackstar HT5 R combo amplifiers with Reverb. We didn't
get many so get in there.

We have decided to offer FREE Build and Tune on any drum kit bought
until the end of January 2012. This is for in store collection only.

Please check out the new in sections of the website for details!


News 26/09/11

Wow what a day BUSY BUSY BUSY!

Lots of drum and guitar equipment coming thick and
fast today and in honesty to many things to really mention.
Here are just some of the items that stand out from the crowd.
Ibanez ART200FM-VLS and ART200FM-TK have landed both
look stunning and at the price these are selling at they are sure
to be another success for Ibanez. We had a big delivery from
Tama which we are currently in the middle of sorting through
around 20 drum kits we believe. They seem mostly superstar hyperdrive
with the odd Starclassic thrown in for good measure.

Here are the links for the new guitars


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