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Vic Firth Drum Sticks


Busy, Busy, Busy most of the Mapex summer school equipment has
sold now with only the odd kit left over, if you've been looking get a move
on before it's too late. We have been increasing our stock holding of
Vic Firth drum sticks with most models now available from stock or
within a couple of days. We have stock pouring in now with the run up
to Christmas so we will try and keep you up to date the best we can.


Mapex Tornado 3 Free Christmas Gift Offer! TNM5254TCU-DK & TNM5254TCU-DR


We have just added to the website a limited offer on Mapex
Tornado 3 drum kits. These drum kits offer everything you
need to get you going straight out of the box. Made by one
of the leading drum kit producers you can be assured you
will be impressed by the quality of this product. We have
added the Christmas gift offer to a limited number of drum kits
this will give you cymbal bag and four pairs of drum sticks
worth around £30 for FREE.



Tama Hyperdrive Big Version Double Bass Drum Kits Are Here!

We have em!

The nine piece Tama Hyperdrive drum kits have landed. We ordered
these six months ago and thankfully they have arrived just in time for the
lucky customers this Christmas. We only had six made so if it's your thing
get in there.


Roland R26 Portable Stereo Recorders Are HERE!


Just a quick note to say the Roland R-26 portable hand held
recorders are here and a couple of weeks earlier than expected
for a change. Looks like another cool product from the Roland team.
Here is the link:

Mapex Meridian, Saturn & Snare Drums On SALE!


We have received this years Mapex summer school equipment.
For those who have not seen our advertisements for this equipment
before here is what it is about. Every year Mapex Loan out around
20 drum kits and various quantities of drum hardware for a teaching
school weekend. Once this equipment is finished with obviously it
can't be sold has new or even be stripped back down and boxed.
That where we come, we buy the whole job lot and sell it at a massive
discounted price. This years stock hardly looks used and some drum
heads have not even had a stick hit them. We are sending the kits out
with Mapex soft drum bags for FREE as well.

Get in There Quick!

Check out some links


Mapex HX5295FTBK-SW Limited Edition Drum Kit


We have received confirmation that our order for the very limited
edition White Mapex Horizon drum kits is running on time. This
is a great offer for an updated run of this very popular range drum kit.
We didn't manage to get that many has only 150 kits are getting distributed
through Europe. We are now taking orders so get in there while you can.
We have added as a little Christmas gift a free cymbal bag to put the Paiste
cymbals in that are coming with the drum kit.
Check the link:


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