News 28/07/11

What a day!

We have managed to get the massive delivery of B-Stock and artist stock from Mapex in the building just in time before the rain started. It's took around 9 hours to sort through it, but it will be worth it. There will be some really good offers coming in the next few days especially on Black Panther snare drums. We we're expecting far more broken items than actually arrived so it's great news. Karl is going to be working round the clock to catalog and add the products to the website so keep those eyes peeled.

A few other items came today, we had some of the 18" bass drum Mapex HZB jazz kits in cherry arrive (Great little kits these) Half a dozen Japanese Tokai guitars and at long last the Line 6 SPIDERJAM amps have landed.

Right that's it for now, time for a cuppa tea............................

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